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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Update: Now with Copeland Capital Management, a Like-Minded Investment Firm, as Portfolio Manager & Analyst

Dear Readers:

I am pleased to announce that I recently joined Copeland Capital Management, LLC as a Principal, as well as a Portfolio Manager and Analyst.

Copeland is an employee owned, dynamic and growing firm with offices in the Philadelphia and Boston areas. The firm offers a series of Dividend Growth, Relative Value, and Fixed Income/Balanced Strategies.

It has been a privilege sharing my research and views over the past two years. Thank you for visiting, leaving comments, and/or asking questions. I enjoyed getting to know some of you.

While I am no longer able to post on Common Stock Sense, I invite you to frequently visit Copeland's Web site for investment commentary:


Each quarter, the firm publishes The Copeland Review, a forward-looking investment quarterly on the markets and the economy which has been published for over ten years. As I performed my due diligence on the firm, I gained significant comfort after finding Copeland's perspective and tone through the last two years very similar to my own here on CS$.

Here is a partial snapshot of the Spring 2011 quarterly (click to enlarge):
Please visit Copeland's Newsroom for the full document and other updates.

As my schedule permits, I will continue to irregularly Tweet items of personal and business interest. You can find me here:


Thank you again for reading and all my best wishes.

Happy investing,

Jeffrey Walkenhorst

Disclosure: all research and views previously expressed on CS$ represent only my opinion and not necessarily that of Copeland Capital Management, LLC.

© 2011 Jeffrey Walkenhorst
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