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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Mobile Internet with Mary Meeker - Great Update on Mobile/Internet Trends from Last April

When it comes to stocks, we do our own research. However, we're not opposed consuming content from a plethora of informative sources. Here, we share a video presentation and slide deck delivered by Mary Meeker at Google Atmosphere (GOOG) on 4/12/10. Mary Meeker is a long-time "sell-side" analyst at Morgan Stanley who has a well-established research franchise and seasoned perspective. Her research is somewhat akin to our former bailiwick at Banc of America Securities.

With this post, as with our SIGMOD/PODS post last week, we again share insights into important happenings in tech-land. Mary Meeker's "The Mobile Internet" includes a tremendous amount of information on key trends in mobile and Internet computing that increasingly touch/impact all of us. For this reason, we share the content here.

Even if you're not interested in technology companies/stocks because the sector changes so rapidly -- as we've noted previously and Ms. Meeker also notes -- you might enjoy perusing the video presentation and slide deck. In this case, while the video was not captured with Sonic Foundry's Mediasite solution (SOFO), the YouTube delivery switches between speaker and slide capture more adeptly than our own attempt last January in our Which Way from Here? presentation.

A few key points:
  • "Mobile Internet is ramping faster than [the] Desktop Internet Did" (slides 7, 41) - one comment: we believe her ~85 million iPhone and iTouch users is cumulative, or "gross", units sold as reported by Apple (AAPL), not actual "net" users in the marketplace. "Net" users would be lower when adjusted for normal churn or disconnects -- even acknowleding that iPhone or iTouch users may be "stickier" than other types of users, some churn is normal course of business
  • "Social Networking [usage] greater Email Usage"
  • "Wealth Creation / Destruction is Material in New Computing Cycles"

Supporting presentation:


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