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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Link to 2010 Noble Financial Conference Catalog (Captured with Mediasite)

We mentioned in our January post, Who On Earth Needs Mediasite?... Did Your Firm or Organization Get the Memo?, that Noble Financial is a major proponent and user of Sonic Foundry's (SOFO) Mediasite solution to capture conference events. We also mentioned that Sonic Foundry hosted a Webinar last fall in which the broker-dealer explained why they use Mediasite to capture all of their events:
Judging A Book By Its Cover: What Does Your Webcast Say About Your Event and Your Brand?

Last week, the firm held the Noble Financial Sixth Annual Equity Conference (click for link to full catalog) and the event was again captured with Mediasite. A variety of companies, large and small, presented at the conference. We recommend sorting the catalog "by name" to see presenting companies listed in alphabetical order.

A number of companies of interest to us were in attendance (click to launch presentation), including:
We previously discussed PetMed Express (PETS) in some detail, but have yet to comment on Dynamex (DDMX) -- we may come back to this delivery/logistics provider in the future. We briefly mentioned International Speedway (ISCA) in conjunction with Churchill Downs (CHDN) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in conjunction with j2 Global Communications (JCOM). Note that a j2 competitor, Easylink Services (ESIC), also presented at the conference.

To this point, Noble remains of the few Wall Street firms using Mediasite for Webcasting. Our view: always excellent to clearly "see" management along with well synchronized audio and slides (or other digital content). Accordingly, more firms should move down this path and could potentially improve client relations by doing so (better end user experience). Outside of finance, many are "getting the memo," including InfoComm and major companies such as Autodesk (ADSK) (although they've been aboard for some time now).

Happy investing,

Jeffrey Walkenhorst

Disclosure: long SOFO, PETS, CHDN, JCOM.

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