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Friday, February 12, 2010

REWIND: Peter Lynch in 1982 and Philip Carret in 1995 (thanks to Youtube and WSW)

One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch is a favorite investment read of ours and is included on our reading list. Mr. Lynch's approach is logical and easy to grasp (largely common sense, which we also strive to leverage). His book is both straightforward, entertaining, and worth a read.

We came across this short video clip from Wall Street Week with the late Louis Rukeyser, which includes Peter Lynch at age 38 as well as a brief conversation with another investment legend, the late Philip Carret at age 98 (who started the Pioneer Fund in 1928 - more information here).

In the video, both investors share their long-held, strikingly simple pieces of wisdom:
  • Peter Lynch: buy what you know and avoid trying to catch the bottom in a falling stock.
  • Philip Carret: be patient and buy businesses with a five- to ten-year view.

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