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Friday, January 22, 2010

Which Way from Here? Video Presentation from COMMON STOCK $ENSE

We were a guest speaker at an institutional investor forum on Thursday (1/21/10) in New York City. The event was not Webcast and, initially, we planned on only sharing our slides with readers here at COMMON STOCK $ENSE. Then, last night, writing about Google (GOOG) and Youtube (and the need for Mediasite), we realized that sharing a brief video recap of the presentation via Youtube would not be difficult and would enable us to "speak" to readers. SO, we did it, recording slides with our talking head!

Unfortunately, it's not Mediasite (Sonic Foundry/SOFO), but our set-up seemed to work OKAY. We hope you find the content both stimulating and enjoyable. One note: we ran a bit over our initial plan for only ten minutes (Youtube's time limit per video) and, after efforts to tighten delivery, decided to simply cut our first take into two parts as ten minutes wasn't enough time.

In "Which Way from Here?", we discuss the markets, psychology, the economy, and investing, plus our investments in 1-800-Flowers.com (FLWS), Seaspan (SSW), and Weight Watchers (WTW). Topics covered include: Weve Come Along Way, Old Adages Ring True, Economic Data Shows Stability, Easy Money Has Been Made, Yet, Plenty of Mixed Signals, Short-term Forecasting is Fools Game, New Normal Are You Sure?, and Our Old-Fashioned Strategy: Think and Invest Like an Owner, as well as opportunities in (1) Consumer Discretionary (Flowers/Gifts), (2) Container Ships, (3) Personal Services (Weight Loss Management).

Slides can be downloaded here.

Video Part One (Market Overview, Psychology, Economy, Easy Money, Mixed Signals, Pros Get Short-Term Wrong):

Embedded slides:

Video Part Two (New Normal or Not, Investment Approach, Stock Ideas):

Thank you for tuning in and please feel free to share if you feel so compelled.

Happy investing,

Jeffrey Walkenhorst

Disclosure: long SOFO, FLWS, SSW, WTW.
© 2010 Jeffrey Walkenhorst
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  1. Jeff-

    I know you're a long, but this, more than anything you've written the last year, just really shows how invauluable Mediasite is becoming! Keep up the good work (SOFO long '06)and consider becoming an investor & a client!

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    Thanks -- couldn't agree more. My slides/head approach isn't the best and other "solutions" are still lacking relative to Mediasite!


  3. SSW is a solid pick. I might prefer GSL but it is more a matter of taste and risk preference

  4. Hello PlanMaestro - thanks. I've seen your posts in the past, including your SA post mentioning GSL and others:

    Nice call on TA - did you ever pick up shares in the $3s? I'm also long GSL and, like SSW, see a favorable risk/reward profile (but haven't blogged about GSL as yet).


  5. I had a 1% TA position and was hoping to buy more. But it looks like those posts were counterproductive :)

  6. Gotcha, thanks Plan. BTW, I referenced your counterproductive post in my post last night re: SSW/GSL. In this case, let's hope for similar productivity (supported by fundamentals, of course)!



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