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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Google Needs Mediasite; EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative 2010

For the first time today, Google (GOOG, $583) Webcast its 4Q09 call using Youtube (link here) rather than offering audio playback through Nasdaq's (NDAQ, $18.97) Shareholder.com with Windows Media Player and Real Player (RNWK, $4.49) -- e.g, see 3Q09 call. We think the Youtube delivery is arguably an improvement over the latter, although as with the "old" Google method, no synchronized slides are included -- the Youtube Webcast is audio only and slides are separate, either via Adobe (ADBE, $35.82) PDF or Google's "docs app". In our view, Sonic Foundry's Mediasite would be an improvement (recall, our "get the memo" post) for any organization that isn't yet on board.

Separately, Sonic Foundry announced today that it is again capturing another EDUCAUSE event with Mediasite. We were actually aware of the event earlier this week by following Mediasite on Twitter (http://twitter.com/mediasite). The press release markets the event as follows:
  • "Learning Environments for a Web 2.0 World" sessions explore models for the future of learning that fuse emerging technologies and learner-centered strategies to yield new learning environments designed for student success. The rise of Mediasite as a webcasting platform, combined with social networks and virtual communities like Second Life, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr has transformed the web from a place to seek information into a gateway to share, build, and interact with both educational technology content and communities.
The catalog link is here -- intriguing stuff, especially for those interested in education. We are pleased to see Mediasite's prominent role is such events and expect to see more and more catalogs just like this (partial sample):
Who knows if Google will go there, but we know Autodesk (ADSK, $25.69) is already there and extremely satisfied (again: Autodesk University, four years and counting with Mediasite).

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